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Paradise Outdoor Kitchens Construction That Counts

Outdoor Kitchen Construction Having an outdoor kitchen is an investment, and when making an investment, you want the best of the best. Paradise grilling systems uses welded steel, which has a higher R-Value, making it more insulated.  Welded steel is 10x stronger than metal studs, and does not need any extra pressure applied. Steel is simple to pre-fabricate offsite, which …

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Paradise Grilling Systems Outdoor Kitchens, Grill Advantages Number 1

Why Paradise Grills are better, Reason Number one; the Paradise GSL-32 Professional grill is commercially rated. This is no amateur grill. Paradise’s outdoor kitchens are paired with the best type of grill that is made to be used for a lifetime. Not only will feel more like a professional grilling master, you will be grilling up some great food on …

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Paradise Grilling System, Largest Manufacturer of Outdoor Kitchens

Paradise is America’s largest outdoor kitchen manufacturer with a factory over 70,000 square feet and production of thousands of outdoor kitchens every year. They employ the best workers to produce the best outdoor kitchens. With many awards won, like the Winner of Meg Caswell’s HGTV “Best in show” award, there is no better place to purchase your outdoor kitchen. Enjoy …

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Flex Build Your Kitchen

Just like when you were a kid, Legos allowed you to rearrange small pieces into something bigger and better than your sibling. Paradise Grilling systems allow you to do the same! Paradise’s Flex-Build allows you to choose different pieces to build your own custom outdoor kitchen. This feature lets you meet the seating capacity, upgrade features, and overall sizing for …

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Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Grills

Paradise Grilling Systems’ grills are the real deal. They are stainless steel 304 commercial grade. These grills use the Briquette system and have a quick lite ignition, which makes it very easy for your grilling experience. Because these grills are commercial grade, their temperature goes up to 1000 degrees. They also have the benefit of having individual burner control, LED …

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Welded Tiki Hut with Weatherproofing

What is better than to make your outdoor kitchen truly feel like an outdoor kitchen? Without having to find another company, Paradise Grilling Systems offers you a tiki hut welded frame to add to your outdoor kitchen. The welded frame is strong and will make a great addition to your outdoor kitchen. The best part? The tiki hut is weatherproof. …

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Amazing Outdoor Kitchen Lighting from Paradise Grilling Systems

Let your Paradise Grilling System Outdoor Kitchen Set the mood for your night with a beautiful remote-controlled exclusive double strip and super bright LED lighting system. These LED lights can be changed from a soft white glow to a strobe of fast-changing multi-colored fun. Have both the benefit of long lasting LED lights, and a great addition to your outdoor …

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Paradise Outdoor Kitchen Electrical Outlet

Paradise Grilling Systems Outdoor Kitchens offer a plug-n-play system that allows you to start using your outdoor kitchen as soon as it is delivered and placed in your home. A lot of other outdoor kitchen companies use indoor parts and cords. These usually turn out to be less expensive, but highly dangerous. Outdoor cords are meant for weather, while indoor …

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Outdoor Kitchens that use Welded steel vs Metal Stud

When thinking about whether if not welded steel is the way to go, think of it as an investment. Structural steel is relatively simple to pre-fabricate offsite, rather than building on site welding during the building process; this saves time and makes for a more efficient construction time. Also, metal studs have a lower R-Value. R-Value is the capacity of …

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Paradise Grilling Systems – 8 Exclusive Features

These 8 features are what make Paradise Grilling Systems the best manufacturer of Outdoor Kitchens and Bar Systems. Show Rooms in Orlando Florida, Naples Florida, and Houston Texas. The best solution for Luxury and Fun for your BBQ experience!